The Pink Fighter Project

Do you know someone close to you who is battling cancer? Unfortunately, the odds are that you do. Cancer remains one of the most difficult challenges faced by humans today, and one that we continue to fight together.

The Pink Fighter Project (PFP) is our way of helping the efforts of raising awareness and funding cancer research. We’re releasing two special BOLDR Venture models throughout Pink October with a pledge to donate 25% of sales to cancer-related charities.

Find out more about supporting the cause here.

The Art Of Staying True To Yourself

BOLDR x Chaigo

The character Chaigo was created by Kenji to symbolize a rebirth, transmuting challenging circumstances into a self-driven pursuit of excellence. From humble beginnings of spraying the neon blue dog on Kuala Lumpur walls, Chaigo's unmissable cheeky face has spread to multiple cities around the globe and continues to build a following through original merchandise. The rejuvenated stray is Kenji's alter ego and an inspiration to countless creative individuals looking to make their own mark in the art scene.

BOLDR is all about celebrating perserverance and the indestructible human spirit, so we jumped at the opportunity to work with the passionate artist. BOLDR x Kenji Chai celebrates the ideal of finding one's true self-expression by carving your own path, putting in hard work, and to keep on moving forward despite obstacles. Like an art piece, many imperfections are necessary to create a perfect end result.

Read Kenji's Story here
BOLDR x Chaigo


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