BOLDR Rockpacks - The Only Daily Travel Gear You’ll Ever Need

BOLDR Rockpacks - The Only Daily Travel Gear You’ll Ever Need
Where do you find a bag suited for daily use and sturdy enough to face unforgiving landscapes? As a team of urban adventurers ourselves, BOLDR decided to answer this very question and create the best carrying gear we could think of.

After much hard work and deliberation, we achieved exactly what we set out to do. These rock-steady tactical Rockpacks immediately changed our lives for the better - and we know they’ll change yours too.

The idea for the Rockpacks came about simply because we didn’t want to switch gear as went about our daily activities, from swimming and gymming to commuting to the office and even grocery shopping. We set out to design bags that were convenient and versatile enough to take on our everyday needs - all while being stylishly handsome to look at.

Our team began imagining, sketching, designing and testing a myriad of materials and features that would bring our vision to reality - a process that involved lots of phone calls, long nights, and meeting designers or manufacturers from around the world. We knew we were on the right track when we started getting impatient to bring our envisioned designs to life! Below are some of the sketches we worked on to outline our designs.

Realizing one bag wouldn’t be enough, we settled on a collection of three versatile bags consisting of the Rockpack Sling, Duffel and Kit, individually customized and designed to combine into a set of #toughenough tactical travel gear. A big inspiration was tough military-grade bags that gave us the MOLLE system for securely clipping on accessories, conveniently expanding carry space - in our case, by attaching the Rockpack Kit. (Read on for more details on how to use the MOLLE System)

Rockpack Sling:
A customized cross-body sling built to ease your daily commute, the Sling features specialized compartments for a 13” laptop, phone, power bank, books/notepads, water bottle, and additional urban gear.

Stow your handphone or glasses case in the strap pocket for easy access, and keep valuables safe in the hidden pick-pocket-proof slot nestled in the padded back cushion area.
Rockpack Duffel:

A versatile duffel bag with an ergonomic 3-way carry strap system - hoist it on using the shoulder strap, shoulder sling, or carry it using the tote handles. Multiple specialized compartments and inner pockets separate your accessories, documents, and cables from the main clothes compartment, and a separate waterproof compartment is specially included to stow away dirty shoes/clothes.

A hidden anti-theft pocket tucked under zipper allows easy access to compact items such as a mobile phone or passport. The Duffel also features a rip-proof Hypalon bottom layer, reinforced inner structure, and trolley sleeve that slips right onto your luggage handle for carrying convenience.
Rockpack Kit:

A tactical kit that starts small but expands to fit compact tech gear and toiletries safely in waterproof pockets and breathable mesh compartments.

Easily hang or hook the kit anywhere using its handy clip-loop, and attach it firmly onto another Rockpack with the MOLLE attachment system.

Materials & Functions:

Only the toughest materials made the cut as we were utterly fed up with bags that frayed easily and had to be changed after only a few rough & tough escapades. Below we outline particular materials and features that make the Rockpacks distinctly versatile:

1680 Denier Premium Ballistic Nylon:

One of the toughest wearable fabrics, the term ‘ballistic’ refers to the fabric that was used in ballistic anti-fragmentation jackets for military personnel. The weave is super strong and is either 2x2 or 2x3 basket weave style. ‘Denier’ is a unit of fibre density, more specifically defined as mass (g) per 9000 metres of yarn.

Therefore 9000 meters of this material weighs 1680 grams! Beyond the technical details, this material was the standard for protecting military men from bullets and stray debris way before Kevlar was invented!

The combination of the weight and weave of the fibre makes 1680D ballistic nylon perfect for endurance gear because it combines many individual characteristics into one rock-solid fabric.

Hikers and adventurers find it light and comfortable while not having to worry about their belongings tearing through the material in rough terrains and weather conditions. It is rip-proof, anti-abrasive, water-resistant, and ready to take on the wilderness - exactly what we were looking for.


Hypalon is a high-performance synthetic rubber produced by DuPont Performance Elastomers. Known in full form as chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE), this material stands out for its resistance to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and ultraviolet light.

Commonly used to make inflatable boats and folding kayaks, we chose this durable material for the Rockpack Duffel base to provide extra protection from wear and tear while you are using and abusing the bag in varied environments.

All zippers on the bags have Lasered Hypalon tabs for easy handling and extra strength to withstand frequent pulls.

Honeycomb Mesh Inner Lining:

Supporting the overall functions of the bag are sturdy inner linings - each pack is equipped with water-resistant nylon inner lining with a honeycomb ridged pattern that provides extra durability while remaining stretchable. The mesh is also easy to clean and quick to dry, leaving you free to store damp/dirty clothes without compromising the rest of the bag’s interior and your other belongings.

YKK Fasteners:

Zippers are the most used part of any bag, so we made sure we locked down on the very best fasteners. Japanese giant YKK is world-renowned for their top production standards and thorough quality control when it comes to fastening products.

We use YKK Aquaguard water-repellent zippers on the outside to keep belongings snug and dry, along with long-lasting reversible YKK zippers throughout the inside - each with extremely smooth zipper action. The Rockpacks also use YKK buckles, rings, hooks, and tri-glides to seamlessly fulfil their respective functions.
MOLLE System:

The MOLLE system is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. The system uses modularity with easy access points for attaching gear by a simple ‘weaving’ method.

Using the Rockpack Kit and Duffel to illustrate, the MOLLE straps on the Kit are fed under the first layer of MOLLE grooves on the Duffel, then back under the grooves on the Kit, and continued this way until the length of the strap has been locked in, and you’re left with a clip button which snaps firmly in place.
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This is a much more stable way of attaching added gear because the system permits a sturdy cinch between the two connected bags, with little or no space left in between them. You can be rest assured that your gear will stay safely attached whether you’re on the train back from work or in the midst of a gruelling climb

So there you have it, a labour of love carrying (literally) our signature BOLDR standards designed to be as tough as the adventurer dares to get. Gear up and go about your day with the utmost confidence that your Rockpacks have got your back.