September 2015: BOLDR Watches unveiled their debut hybrid smart watch collection, the BOLDR Voyage. An innovation of horology and technology – the Voyage is something completely new, designed to be the perfect blend of form and function. With an analog aviator-style dial on the outside, but packed with smart wearable technology inside – the Voyage represents the collision of classic style and modern technology.

At BOLDR Watches, a philosophy of taking bold steps led them to create their first, groundbreaking timepiece - the Voyage. Nearly a year of meticulous design and research went into creating the custom internal components and stellar design of this first collection, termed a hybrid ‘clever watch.’

The design inspiration was born from the founders’ love of aviator watches and other classic timepieces. As for the functions, the founding duo of Travis Tan and Leon Leong assessed what a modern urbanite would require to assist in their everyday lives - and custom-designed an internal package of smart wearable technology with that wearer in mind.

Starting with a Miyota 2025 Quartz Movement for timekeeping, and a proprietary smartchip called the BOLDR Smartmodule - the internal components were custom-designed to fit snugly within a sleek 43mm case with solder-on lugs. Packaged with a 22mm premium calf-leather strap with quick release tabs on the underside for easy switching - the Voyage line comes in 6 striking colours. The technology behind the Voyage stems from its one-of-a-kind BOLDR Smartmodule, seamlessly connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.

Voyage Feature List:

  1. Pedometer - The in-built pedometer helps you track your daily exercise goals such as distance, steps and calories burned. Just sync it to your phone via the app and the watch will monitor your movement throughout your day. For that extra push - you’ll need to add 10% to your daily goal in order to fill the dial to the 12 o’clock mark, making you truly give life 110%.

  2. Notifications - BOLDR watches are designed with your connectivity in mind, pushing call alerts, message and app notifications to your wrist via embedded LEDs and a built-in vibration motor, for when your hands might be too busy to hold your phone. The notifications can be customized via the app - ensuring you’ll only get notified of what’s truly important.
  3. Battery - Charging the many devices you carry with you everyday isn’t fun. With the Voyage, we included an easily replaceable battery (CR2032) that powers the BOLDR Smartmodule for up to 4 months. Coupled with a separate 3-year battery for the Quartz watch movement, you are free from cables or charging.

  4. Anti-Loss – For even more peace of mind, whenever you (and your watch) stray too far from your smartphone - the watch will immediately let you know. You’ll never have to worry about leaving your phone behind ever again.

  5. Shutter - Sometimes, you need to be a little hands-free - so the Voyage includes a shutter feature, letting you remotely snap pictures with your smartphone’s camera with the simple push of a button.

The list of features doesn’t end there – the BOLDR Watches team is constantly innovating and adding new smart features to the app, keeping the Voyage and all future collections up-to-date. For the watch itself, the team is planning for a yearly release of limited-run collections – consisting of all-new designs, beginning with 2015’s Voyage.

The pre-sale launch of the BOLDR Voyage will take place on Kickstarter - kicking off on August 29, 2015. Via the Kickstarter page, customer can place worry-free pre-orders of the Voyage at an initial starting price of USD $129. This debut line will also feature a limited, one-time only “Kickstarter Edition” engraving on the back. Once it’s made available stores in 2016, the Voyage will retail at USD $179.

The Voyage was created to combine stunning form with useful functions, in order to empower and assist in the lives of our wearers. From design to features, BOLDR Watches embodies the philosophy of being bolder and being more than ever before. For more information, visit



About BOLDR Watches

Founded in 2015 by childhood friends Travis Tan and Leon Leong, BOLDR Watches is the latest endeavor from the duo behind the Travisleon Watch Company. Having successfully launched a line of hand-made mechanical watches in 2014, the duo have now turned to another passion – building functional hybrid ‘clever watches’ for the active urban wearer. Based in Singapore and Malaysia, BOLDR Watches are sold around the world, captivating and empowering a whole new generation of watch enthusiasts.


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