BOLDR "The Collector"

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Introducing "The Collector", BOLDR's signature tough, indestructible carrying case. It's made from high-tech carbon composite material for extra strength and durability to store your prized possessions, yet lightweight enough to be carried around easily. 

Includes pre-cut modular foam inner compartments for storage customization. You can customize the compartments to your personal gear needs; storing up to 18 BOLDR watches, or reconfigured to your everyday carry tools, and even bigger gear you may need for your adventures.

The Collector also has twin heavy duty buckles and rubber seals all around the lid, to keep the lid in place and airtight in any situation. 

Material: Custom Engineering PP 

External Dim(L x W x D): 420 x 370 x 100mm

Internal Dim(L x W x D): 392 x 310 x 85mm

Water Proof: IP67 Rating