Wrapping Up 2021 On A Personal Note

Greetings #BOLDRcollective,

Another tough year in the books, but our resilience as people is not to be taken lightly. Whatever variant comes our way in 2022 makes no difference to the direction we’re heading - forward. So here's so long to 2021 with our spirits soaring and eternal gratitude for our community of watch lovers.

A few highlights of the past year include the Venture Field Medic initiative, which is still going strong ($30 from every sale donated to Covid-19 relief efforts) with over US$10,000 raised for charity to date.

We collaborated with famed graffiti artist Kenji Chai to create the Venture Chaigo to a fantastic, sold-out response. Keep your eyes peeled for future collabs! We also worked with The Autistic Thai Foundation to create a special edition Venture designed by artist Ratapat Chantamit, affectionately known as ‘Art’. Art’s unique koi fish design resonated strongly with fans and raised awareness of the potential of autistic artists when given a platform.

BOLDR also produced its first ever yachting-chronograph watch, the Odyssey Regatta, our first 3D-lume Odyssey Bronze with Lumicast, and our first-ever self-disinfecting Venture Field Medic. The Field Medic III is coated with nano-tech particles that kill bacteria and harmful coronaviruses effectively with no chemical side effects - take that, COVID!

We were also proud to highlight a dark moment in watchmaking history; our tribute to The Radium Girls with the Venture Un.Dark. This group of heroic girls suffered greatly at the hands of radium poisoning in the early 1900’s, unaware that the luminescent paint they handled was highly toxic. Their sacrifices woke the world up to significantly improved work safety standards.

October saw the launch of the Pink Fighter Project, which is our small contribution to aid cancer research and raise awareness of early detection. The PFP Field Medic & PFP Venture Earth have raised over US$8,000 and counting. Lastly, as I write this, five brave Scottish lads are rowing across the Atlantic with 5 BOLDR Venture Five In A Rows strapped on their wrists. They intend to raise funds for Reverse Rett, to which we’ll be contributing via sales of their special edition Ventures. All the best boys!

You can read more about our work with BOLDR Ambassadors on B-Roll.

Feel free to reach out to me & the team at any time for assistance.

Let me wrap up with a quote I really like: “When you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.”

We fight together for better days.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Leon Leong