The BOLDR Expedition Enigmath

Take the calculated risk

Discover the Expedition Enigmath, a sturdy adventure companion that’s no one-trick-pony. Equipped with a multifunctional slide rule bezel for on-the-fly calculations, the watch is a rugged brainiac built for extreme environments. Like its predecessors from the Expedition I series, we craft these beaters from durable materials to keep up with your wildest getaways.

Ready to elevate your adventures? 

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Designed to be worn, used and abused every day, our watches are built to go wherever your adventures may take you.

Odyssey Freediver GMT


Of all items to pack with your travels, a trusty GMT timekeeper is a must for any serious watch-lover. Introducing our very first ‘true’ GMT diver with a hi-beat movement designed for precision timekeeping wherever your travels may take you. Stronger, sleeker, and slenderer, this new addition to the Odyssey Freediver family packs a plethora of exciting features, many of which are a first for us as a brand.

From its unique gradient-tone dial & translucent center to its 12.5mm slim case, there’s so much to explore and many places to be with this multi-time zone wonder.