Odyssey Regatta 2022

Sail Smoothly Towards Challenge

Regatta racing is a highly competitive sport that requires heavy planning and strategizing in order to finish at the top. Racers are at the mercy of strong winds and state of the waters, which gives them control only of their boat, sailing skills, and their equipment. 

The Odyssey Regatta is built to provide unrelenting support to the crucial requirements of a regatta race, where split-second decisions are made under staggering pressure and time is of the essence. With high performance features, tracking functionalities, and stylish aesthetic, this yachting chronograph beast keeps seamless time to ensure you stay ahead of the fleet.

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boldr expedition I 2022

back on trek

The Expedition series has been the top choice for field watch fans ever since its inception in 2018. A combination of tough features and striking design made it an instant favorite, and fans have been clamoring for a re-release after the original models sold out. The Expedition I also introduces our new Brand Ambassador, Jukka Viljanen, who is a proud owner of an Expedition Rub’ al Khali. 

It was Jukka, a Finland-based ultra athlete, who inspired the naming of this new collection through his brave solo ventures, covering vast distances on foot. Having undertaken marathons in challenging environments across the North Pole, Libyan Sahara desert, Kalahari desert, and Antarctica, Jukka will attempt a solo run across the unforgiving terrain of the Rub’ al Khali in early 2023. 

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boldr x nitecore

THe kraken

Your adventures are about to get real lit with The Kraken - our collaboration with Nitecore Singapore features a special edition Venture field watch paired with a powerful Nitecore TIKI torch! This is a first for both Nitecore and ourselves, so we're super excited to brighten your adventure path.

The Kraken Venture is powerfully lumed on its own, equipped with the brilliant Old-Radium C3 Glow. Spend a day in sunlight and the watch face will glow powerfully at night after being recharged. Need a manual boost? No problem - just a quick flash of the Nitecore TIKI's UV feature (1000mW) is strong enough to get it fully charged & ready for action.

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