Our Story:

Allow us to take you on a brief journey. The year is 2015 and our founder Leon was cycling down his daily route, eager to get to work after picking up a hot black coffee. His small team was about to pitch an outdoor-friendly ‘clever watch’ on Kickstarter called the BOLDR Voyage. 

Back then, tech-enabled watches were not widespread and had batteries that gave up quickly, Leon was adamant on creating a timepiece that could stay outdoors all day, so the design that stuck ended up marrying an analog watch battery with cool tech capabilities like movement tracking, smart notifications, controlling your phone’s camera for easy wefies, and a bunch of other cool stuff. 

Weeks later, the project opened to a great response. A community of backers quickly formed and the small team smashed their fundraising target in no time. Feeling on top of the world, Leon had no inkling that a fresh cup of disaster was brewing just around the corner. 

Like dominos crashing to the ground with huge thuds, they received news of setback after setback in their tiny Chinatown shophouse. Manufacturing costs skyrocketed and licensing costs were suddenly beyond reach. These and many other heart-racing let downs later, the team had an ultimatum - either make empty promises to their backers and hope for the best, or call the whole thing off. 

That’s what they did. Leon chose to return every penny to the backers and uphold the values he wanted to build the company on: Integrity & Transparency. 

As faith would have it, the community took the news kindly and much to his amazement, spurred him on to the next undertaking with encouraging words.  

With that, he got back to work and pivoted to create the BOLDR Journey, our first official watch collection named to honor that very grueling (and costly) year. 

And that’s how we were born! 8 years and multiple collections later, we engineer & re-engineer watches & gear for outdoor adventures, designed to last you a lifetime.  

That brings us to the best part - you. We’ve made friends all over the world who keep up with our latest iterations and build memories for years with their BOLDR. Our team is always here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

A final word; 
Buffs and scuffs simply tell your story, and every story starts from scratch. We don’t build chunky divers and faithful fielders to sit in cupboards and collect fine dust. They are made to see the world, interact with multiple environments, toughen up from stressors, and develop their own personalities. 

When you look at your BOLDR, it should remind you of a precious memory or an unforgettable event.  


We're driven by a vision to create rugged, adventure-fueled timepieces that inspire action while uplifting communities in need and honoring diverse, inspirational individuals. Our commitment to the environment is unwavering as we aim for 80% sustainability in our materials and packaging, forging a path towards a more conscientious future.

Every piece is built with features that define our brand; a blend of modern and classic design elements incorporated with horological technologies and tough, quality materials. Our materials are handpicked for their durability and resilience, because we got tired of capitalistic consumer goods that value quantity over quality.


We are passionate about engineering and creating watches that last for life, but we’re not just a watch brand. You can always expect new products, fresh ideas, and inspiring collaborations with individualistic creators. If you have something to say, we’re willing to listen.

The #BOLDRcollective are not just our fans, but our inspiration to do better.
Got questions or issues with your product? Talk to us and we’ll do our very best to help. We offer personalized service and take nothing personally. Let’s get to know each other better.

As for what lies ahead, it doesn’t really matter. We’re walking forward together anyway.

Eason, Danny, Hy, Leon, Jaspal, Claudia, Leo