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"While this watch might not tell you your current GPS coordinates, calorie count, or speed, it’s nice to know that it will remain ticking long after your Apple Watch has rusted into a little hunk of steel and silicon." - TECHCRUNCH

"The BOLDR Journey Watch is equal parts modern chronograph, vintage aviation-inspired design and everyday timepiece. It’s a unique, affordable, stylish alternative to whatever watch is currently part of your EDC." - COOLMATERIAL

I am thoroughly impressed however. It combines a bit of vintage design with ultra-modern movement technology in a way that either works very well or doesn't at all. But luckily for BOLDR, they pulled it off very well. - Manofmany

"New brand BOLDR Watches is hoping to strike the right balance between the traditional and the new with their BOLDR Voyage “clever” watch." - Worn and Wound

"The Boldr Voyage is billed as a "clever watch," not a smartwatch... It's a Quartz watch first and foremost, but with just enough smarts to tell you something is happening on your phone." -

"The Voyage is definitely something fresh, designed to transcend the perfection of form and function" -

"The Voyage represents the collision of classic style and modern technology" - Masterhorologer