Beating The Odds And Inspiring Through Art

Singapore-based watch brand BOLDR Supply Co. has released a new line up of full-titanium Venture watches in collaboration with popular Malaysian graffiti artist Kenji Chai. The watch dial incorporates artwork by the famed independent artist, namely a conspicuous neon blue dog called Chaigo. The watch is available now on a limited release along with a signature collector’s item Chaigo action figure. 

SINGAPORE: In their latest bold venture, BOLDR Supply Co. is releasing a full titanium version of their best-selling Venture series designed by graffiti virtuoso Kenji Chai. This is the first time the company is releasing a watch together with a collector’s toy; an action figure of the character Chaigo wearing a graffiti artist’s gear. “As a brand, we have always advocated art as a form of expression, incorporating original artwork into all our caseback designs. Releasing a toy together with a watch is a first for us, and we’re happy to push our boundaries and try something new with Kenji by our side”, says founder Leon Leong. 

The action figure prototype is 3D printed to form a master mould which is then used to create the toy collection. Each toy is then refined & painted by hand, giving every piece a unique finish. “It was always a dream of mine to create my own toy, because we couldn’t afford toys when I was a kid. Bringing a graffiti piece to life and having it loved by fans was quite a surreal experience”, says Kenji. While his action figures have sold out in the past, this project is close to his heart as it marks his first ever collaboration with a watch company. “BOLDR shares many of the ideals that I do, one of which is to celebrate imperfections. The handcrafted nature of my toys often result in tiny imperfections which, to me, reflects the uniqueness in every individual”, says Kenji, who often encourages people to turn their disadvantages into strengths.

The inspiring story of Chaigo came about by happenstance. While pursuing his dream of being an independent graffiti artist, Kenji was stuck in a highway traffic crawl one day and looked out of the window to see the carcass of a stray dog on the road. Somehow, that forlorn image affected him deeply as he had felt strayed from his own broken family since childhood. “I learnt to fend for myself while never really feeling at home anywhere. I suddenly felt a curious kinship with the creature”, says Kenji. 

Unlike the dog, he realised that he had the power to take control of his life. He decided to never stop working towards achieving his dreams by being true to his creative self. And just like that, the alter-ego Chaigo was born. The image of the neon blue stray dog with his tongue sticking out represents the spirit of having fun with life and never giving up. Incidentally, Kenji is born in the year of the dog, and Chaigo is a combination of his surname with the Mandarin word for dog, ‘Go’. 

An inspiration to many, Kenji steadily gained a reputation through his graffiti artwork which travelled from random Kuala Lumpur city street walls to adorn popular restaurants, buildings, and office spaces. He has also been commissioned to create huge art murals in Jakarta, Kazakhstan , Shanghai, New York, and many other cities around the globe. Over time, Kenji has become the go-to graffiti artist for multiple world-renown brands and creative personalities.

Resonating deeply with Kenji’s story, BOLDR was eager to work with the passionate artist and spread his inspiring message through merchandise bearing the Chaigo identity. Utilizing the case and features of BOLDR’s best-selling Venture watch, the Venture Chaigo comes with a full titanium bracelet and is perfect for those who enjoy wearing steel bracelet watches without the extra weight. The watch runs on a NH35 automatic movement and also comes with an interchangeable custom NATO strap designed by Kenji himself.

BOLDR x Kenji Chai full kit

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