BOLDR Venture Field Medic - A Tool For Medics & Watch-Lovers

BOLDR Supply Company is set to release a medic field watch, inspired by medical professionals carrying out daily tasks on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. 

SINGAPORE: Three watch-lovers decided to combine efforts to produce a medic-friendly chronograph watch that can be used to measure pulse rates and respiratory counts of patients. Utilizing the ‘Venture’ model of Singapore-based watch manufacturer BOLDR Supply Company, the watch is available for pre-order today, with a fixed amount of proceeds going towards multiple COVID-19 relief funds.

The idea was born when Danny Luís, a designer based in Portugal (ESCH Design) came up with a concept for a medic tool watch along with his friend Dr. Karan Madan, a physician based in India. Inspired by healthcare professionals who regularly count pulse rates and respiratory counts of patients, the watch would be a handy medical tool as well as a collectors item for watch-lovers in general.    

After solidifying the idea with Karan, Danny reached out to long-time collaborator and founder of BOLDR Supply Company, Leon Leong, who immediately came on board. Having observed the sacrifices of the medical community first-hand, Leon was eager to help our unsung heroes in any way possible: “I was quarantined as a suspected carrier in the National Center For Infectious Diseases (Singapore) for 2 days. The doctors and nurses were among the bravest souls I have seen, working tirelessly to manage the increasing number of suspected cases while nursing admitted patients back to health”, says Leon, who was fortunately released with a clear bill of health. 

With little time to waste, the trio got to work on the project - Leon provided base materials and watch manufacturing concepts while Danny designed the watch layout, and Karan provided the calculation scales for the pulse and respiratory rates. “Designing the watch was the biggest challenge, requiring many discussions and revisions until we got it absolutely right”, remarked Danny. “I felt like the ‘Medic Watch’ concept should not be merely a casual watch or dress watch, but one that is robust and optimised for superior performance". 

While on his daily rounds, Karan realised the appeal of having a watch with multiple handy functions safely strapped to one’s wrist: "Being a physician, the watch embodies the utility I require in my daily work. Now I can quickly count off the heart and respiratory rate of patients within a few seconds by using precise graduated scales on the dial, without wasting valuable time counting the traditional way”, says Karan, who has an extensive collection of watches himself. Explaining how the watch works, wearers of the watch would “simply activate the chronograph, count the specified number of beats, stop the chronograph, and the digits that the central seconds hand points to are the required measurements. A clearly visible date window also saves precious seconds, giving a doctor or nurse information at a glance while filling in pages of detailed patient notes”. 

It took less than a month to actualize the entire project, and as of today the watch is ready for action. The BOLDR Venture Medic Field utilizes an ultra-tough & super light 38mm titanium case, powered by a Japanese Chronograph movement. The watch face is shielded by a flat sapphire crystal lens and has clearly marked indexes and specific pulse-tracking functionalities. It is highly durable with water resistance up to 200m, so there’s no need to worry about impact damage or getting it wet while washing hands. 

“We’re confident this will be a great tool watch not only for healthcare workers, but regular watch-lovers alike. It was just an idea, one that we’re glad we brought to life in order to do a small but important part to help”, says Leon. 

Pre-order the Venture Medic Field today on BOLDR’s website The project will be donating $30 from every watch sale to Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross Singapore, and several other COVID-19 relief funds. 

Venture Field Medic I

Venture Field Medic II

Specifications: 38mm | Titanium case | Nato strap | SII VK64 Mechaquartz

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Donation Update: $30 from every sale of the Venture Field Medic have been donated the following charities (as of 10th September 2021)
  • Singapore Red Cross: $3138 (Ref: 787806/OSEXM)
  • Medecins Sans Frontieres: $1000 (Ref: MSFI-00006094)
  • The Invictus Fund: $2000 (Ref: 20200715f74a173b8676)
  • Medecins San Frontieres: $1,000 (Ref: MSFI-00067946)
  • MSF, COVID-19 Crisis Fund: $3,000 (Ref: MSFI-000298595876)
Thank you so much for your support! We will continue to update the numbers accordingly.

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