Making A Difference Through Art: BOLDR Supply Company Joins Forces With The Autistic Thai Foundation

BOLDR Supply Company is releasing a new Venture watch with artwork designed by Mr. Ratapat Chantamit, an exceptional artist from the Thailand-based social enterprise Art Story by Autistic Thai. The Autistic Thai Foundation supports the development of skills in autistic children and adults, helping them find and nurture their passions using methods tailored to their interests. In conjunction with World Autism Awareness Week (29th March - 4th April 2021), BOLDR is releasing a Venture watch that features original artwork by the artist depicting a Koi fish.

ART STORY by the Autistic Thai Foundation is a social enterprise that provides a landscape for autistic individuals to exercise their exceptional talents and develop new skills. The foundation believes that autistic individuals are no less creative than regular individuals, but simply have not been given a platform to express themselves in their own unique way. Over years of working with autistic individuals, the foundation has created and sold a variety of reasonably-priced products under the brand Art Story. The initiative is funded with the help of many generous supporters and spearheaded by Dr. Chusak Janthayanond, President & ‘Guardian’ of the Autistic Thai Foundation. 

Mr. Ratapat Chantamit, the artist known affectionately as ‘Art’, created his art piece based on his fondness for the Koi fish and its auspicious connotations. In his own words, "The Koi fish symbolizes good luck. Many Thais believe that it represents strength, determination, and a strong will to succeed. My message to everyone who views my picture is: May good luck be yours". His beautiful art piece adorns the dial of the brand new BOLDR Venture, which will be available on BOLDR’s website starting from 2nd April 2021.  

Where others may see individuals who struggle to communicate, Art Story celebrates the creativity, boundless imagination, and unique capabilities of their students - particularly that of having prolonged focus. The program that develops their potential through art is led by Piangkarn Suwannaphat, a kind soul more commonly known as Kru Pink. Pink is an art therapy teacher who has spent much time nurturing the talents of her students and guiding them towards individualistic self-expression. “I would like to thank BOLDR Supply Company for their kindness and involvement in this project. For me, working with my exceptional autistic gang is awesome and fulfilling, and we love the watches that we have created together. Each watch is special, just like my children in the foundation”. 

“BOLDR is a company that believes in the exceptional qualities of every single individual, especially where others only see hopelessness and doubt. To witness how Kru Pink has unleashed the potential and creativity of her students is very inspiring, and I wanted to raise awareness of autism by bringing their art to the world.” says founder of BOLDR Leon, who added that working with their community to create meaningful products is a huge plus to society.    

The Autistic Thai Foundation continues to churn out quality products and works that span all five sensory perceptions, be it through design & craft (vision & touch), baristas & bakers (taste & smell), and a Thai traditional musical band (hearing). Through consistency and dedication, the foundation has helped many of their members to achieve a proficiency level that allows them to enter the workforce, earn a steady income, and live a purposeful life. 

BOLDR looks forward to introducing the Venture X Art Story watch to the public in conjunction with World Autism Awareness Week. Sporting an automatic movement with a rotating disc dial and Art’s elegant Koi fish painting, the watch is available for purchase on BOLDR’s website. 

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