This warranty covers any defects in workmanship or materials of your knife. If you notice any defects upon receiving the knife, or if it fails to perform on suitable activities, simply contact us and we’ll repair or replace the knife. The warranty is valid for the entire period of ownership, becoming void only if there is a transfer of ownership or deliberate modification to the knife. 

This warranty does not cover:

  • breakage or performance failure due to misuse of the knife
  • using the knives for unsuitable tasks like prying or pounding
  • unreasonable tests of strength such as hammering on it or placing it under high weight objects

Every knife undergoes wear & tear from use, so proper maintenance is required to keep it working at optimal condition. Kindly use it for appropriate tasks only and uphold necessary safety measures while doing so.

Apart from misuse and negligence, this warranty also does not cover incidental or consequential damage, such as the damage and/or destruction of your knife in a house fire. 

Please handle your knife with the safety of yourself and the people around you in mind. Our blade steel is sturdy & sharp for a very good reason, which is ease and versatility of use - NOT to cause harm or injury. Stay safe, stay sharp, and enjoy your Strandberg Knife.