When you wear BOLDR

You’re becoming part of a global #beBOLDR movement - a shared passion and mission for seeking out the adventure in life. You might be someone who likes traversing the forests of the world, or exploring the urban jungles of the cities.


We put our belief in a simple set of 3C’s, representing what we believe in:


We all need that catalyst of confidence to kick-off our adventures, with the belief that we’re #toughenough for anything.


We all have a bit of the #beBOLDR spirit inside of us, pushing us to take chances and try something new, everyday.


No matter you are, where you’re from and what you do, you can be a part of #teamBOLDR.


We want to make the world a BOLDR place, a world without boundaries, where challenges are just the start of your next adventure. Living life BOLDR means living life without barriers – where people around the world are connected by their spirit of adventure.


BOLDR connects you by making you a part of the #beBOLDR movement, where nothing should hold you back from experiencing the adventure of life. Whether you’re climbing mountain peaks or exploring the urban jungle, let BOLDR be a part of your next adventure.


Meet the team behind the BOLDR brand

Travis Tan

Co-founder, Product Development

Leon Leong

Co-founder, Business Development

Isa Ghani

Co-founder, Branding and Marketing

Vivian Ko

Finance Officer

Hong Yong

Marketing /Operations Coordinator


Marketing Strategist