BOLDR Design History

BOLDR’s instantly-recognizable designs are a result of many ideas coming together in fruition. Each watch is deliberated over by our team members, manufacturing team, our watch engineers, and even certain members of our community, the #BOLDRcollective. Taking every point of view into account, we don’t believe in too many cooks spoiling the broth, instead we concentrate on making a satisfying meal. 

Just like the many cogs and bolts that make up each watch, our collaborative environment is what makes us tick. We work with individuals from all over globe to come up with concepts for new models, dial face prototypes, and our famous caseback artworks.

The art on our casebacks represent the essence of the watch, encapsulating its core message in a single image. For example, the caseback art on our Odyssey series is a Kraken, a mythical sea creature that symbolizes the adventure and mystery of the deep blue sea.  


Friends who have helped shape BOLDR into who we are today: 

Danny Luís (Artist, Portugal)

Kevin Tan (Artist, Malaysia)

Ashwin Royan (Artist, Australia)

Stephen Mazinger (Artist, USA)

Denys Kutsevalov (Artist, Ukraine) 

Muhd Firdaus (Artist, Singapore)

Jason Roberts (#BOLDRcollective member, UK)

And to many more friends and supporters who have provided us with inspiring ideas. 



While every individual BOLDR piece is infused with quality, heart, and tough materials, there are certain characteristics that distinguish our watches from the other brands out there:

  • Custom embossed threaded crown
  • Angular shaven edges 
  • Modern fonts 
  • Orange accents

Getting into specifics, every piece is adorned with our signature angular lugs(1) on either end of straight-edged dial cases(2). As mentioned above, you will find (3)specialized caseback artwork depicting the overarching theme of a particular watch series. We love (4)working with independent artists whose monumental talents lack only a wide-enough platform to spread their art - look out for collaborations with local artists near you!

The juice is in these little features & details that give you a unique identity as a BOLDR wearer. One who recognizes that the best things in life are attained through effort, perseverance, and facing the things that scare us most.

Get tough on fear and find your adventure. #beBOLDR