Climbing To BOLDR Heights - Lynette Koh

Lynnette Koh is a graduate from NTU (Nanyang Technological University, SINGAPORE), holding an undergraduate degree in Sports Science and Management. She has been climbing for the past 10 years since 2008 and has represented Singapore in Sport Climbing between 2011-2016. She also recently picked up the sport of Triathlon and completed her first Ironman 70.3 in June 2017, coming in 4th for her age-group. But things weren't always as smooth sailing as they seem. 

On July 18, 2016 she had a bad fall which resulted in a burst fracture of her T12. She had to undergo surgery to implant 2 metal rods and 4 screws in order to not complicate her spinal cord. After a whole year of recovery, rehab, and training, she completed her first Ironman 70.3 in Hawaii on June 3, 2017. Shortly after, she had a 2nd surgery on September 22, 2017 to remove the metal implants. 2 years and 2 surgeries later, she’s back training for both climbing and triathlons and is living life to the fullest possible, despite her surgeon saying that she should not be playing sports anymore. 

In her own words, Lynette says, “And that’s why being part of Team #beBOLDR is really meaningful to me, as the BOLDR VISION is something I really believe in – to make the world a BOLDR place, a world without boundaries, where challenges are just the start of your next adventure. Despite this huge setback in my life, I’d like to believe that the impossible can be possible and that we shouldn’t be scared to live the life the way we want to.”

“2019 was a special year where I completed my very first full Ironman on October 26th and also my first grade 8a rock face in Greece on December 5th, I’ve also rejoined the Singapore Nation Team .  I’m not sure how it’ll go but I’m definitely going to give it my best. As you can see, I’m not your typical kind of girly-girl. My love for travelling and adventure goes hand-in-hand with the new Expedition watch. It’s the perfect looking watch for daily urban adventures yet tough enough for me to bring on my climbing trips. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about it ever running out of battery too!”

“So whatever dreams and goals you have, big or small, I hope you will have the courage to take the chance and chase them. Like they say - the goals in life you ought to chase are the ones that scare us ;)”