Being BOLDR beyond Borders with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) Singapore


At BOLDR, we’re always fans of those who are tough enough to do what seems impossible. Given this, we were extremely honoured to be a part of a recent project by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) Singapore. MAF set out to change the lives of people in a remote village in Myanmar, called Lailenpi.

This village, located in the remote Chin state, is four-to-six days drive from the nearest airport - and often become completely isolated due to road closures or landslides. Driving this road is hazardous and results in many accidents throughout the year - resulting in the residents of Lailenpi are cut off from access to healthcare and other support for most of the year. 

The MAF project seeks to raise fund to build an airport at Lailenpi, which will allow MAF pilots and planes to supply medicine, books and other necessities to the Lailenpi people throughout the year. The BOLDR team got a chance to meet some of the pilots who fly similar routes for MAF, and see the remote places and airfields they traverse - let’s just say that you have to be extremely bold to make these flights to remote places, often landing on rough airstrips (which are sometimes at a steep angle). 

The bravery of these men and women who are going out on a limb to help others they’ve never met is the embodiment of living life BOLDR. We’re proud to say that we did what little we can, gifting some BOLDR watches to the MAF team, for their own use and to help auction off to raise funds. We’re hoping our watches are as tough as they are. 

If you’d like to know more about MAF and what they do, please visit their website,