A New Dawn For BOLDR - The Venture Singularity

BOLDR Supply Company’s latest iteration of the Venture model draws inspiration from the recent image of Sagittarius A*, the recently photographed supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. The watch utilizes an ultra-black dial that absorbs 99.4% of visible light to represent the ultra-darkness of the black hole, and bright orange lume to signify the glowing gasses that surround it. The solid titanium Venture Singularity comes with an integrated titanium bracelet, set for delivery from September 8th 2022 onwards. 

Thematic series have long been a penchant of BOLDR watches, especially in their past releases of new Venture models. From their Field Medic inspired by Covid-19 frontliners, the Venture Un.dark tribute to the Radium Girls, and more recently the Five In A Row X BOLDR Ventures in support of Reverse Rett, this latest release is a tribute to the global team of astronomers that formed the first image of our galaxy’s supermassive black hole.     

image of the black hole at the center of galaxy M87

The image was produced via the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration which involved more than 200 scientists working together in solidarity over several weeks. While the black hole itself is not visible due to extreme darkness, the scientists were able to infer its presence based on surrounding activity from eight existing radio observatories across the planet. These observatories formed a single “Earth-sized” virtual telescope that birthed the first image of Sagittarius A* (or Sgr A* for short). 

The name Venture Singularity is based on the black hole’s event horizon, or the boundary beyond which no light can escape due to extreme gravitational forces. This phenomenon, along with visible glowing gasses around the black hole (a bright ring-like structure), are represented by its ultra-black dial and bright orange lume on the watch hands respectively. Echoing the massive force that black holes contain in a relatively small area, the watch packs-in a powerhouse of tough features in a compact Venture-sized wristwatch. 

Each piece is encased in 38mm solid titanium with Perma-AR coated sapphire crystal, screw-down crown, automatic movement, 200m water resistance, and an integrated titanium bracelet. The dial is finished in ultra-dark Musou Black paint (99.4% light absorption) with bright orange lume hands, and a custom caseback art outlining the black hole’s event horizon.  

Whether you’re a space junkie or an everyday adventure-lover, don't miss an opportunity to wear BOLDR's tribute to the ultimate cosmic mystery on your wrist. Pre-orders are open on 25th August with shipping from 8th September onwards.  

BOLDR Supply Company is an outfitter brand for the adventurers of the world. Based out of Singapore, the brand manufactures quality watches and gear that's super-tough, stylishly-designed, and built to be used & abused every day.

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