Back In Blue: BOLDR Supply Company’s Follow-Up Odyssey Regatta Timepiece

After their maiden voyage of a regatta chronograph watch in 2021, BOLDR is now offering a new version of the Odyssey Regatta in admiral blue. The watch is built specifically for practical use during regatta races, but also caters to the casual, everyday wearer looking to emulate the functionality of a tough regatta watch. The series is inspired by World Record Holder Bhavik Gandhi, now a part of the BOLDR family of Ambassadors, who rowed solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 2007.     

Best known for their tough field watches and brutish dive watches, BOLDR pursued their first regatta-style chronograph watch in April 2021 after the idea came to BOLDR’s watch designer Danny Guzi, a regatta enthusiast based in Portugal. Inspired by regatta club races he witnessed as a boy,  Danny shared his vision with the team for a multi-functional classic regatta timepiece that would speak to BOLDR’s reputation for endurance watches, while fulfilling the technicalities needed in a fast-paced regatta race.

The team thus engaged three renowned regatta watch experts to validate their design: Mathias Hübner, a vintage watch expert & collector from Germany, Mark Reichardt, a Netherlands-based collector & founder of, and David Braybrook, a Portugal-based watch collector with ample experience in custom-built timepieces. Their detailed notes and judicious feedback was implemented in the final design, from the easy-to-use tracking features down to the triplock crown.

The new colorway adds a prominent nautical element with its dark blue dial, while the watch itself retains all features that were introduced previously. Most importantly, the 2-in-1 bezel that combines a 15-minute countdown marker with a specialized nautical miles tachymeter. The topmost sub-dial provides a unique 10-minute countdown timer, designed with extra care for ease of use and legibility. Teams have to make split-second decisions under staggering pressure, therefore they rely solely on the unrelenting support of their equipment. The countdown feature is crucial to beginning the race as well as keeping time out in the water.  

Powering the Odyssey Regatta is an ETA Valjoux 7750 Elabore grade chronograph movement encased in a full stainless steel body, rated for 500m. Its highly legible blue & white dial features three specialized sub-dials used for tracking elapsed time, along with stylized boat-shaped skeleton hands for instant readability. Keeping the inner workings safe and dry is a triple-lock screw-down crown that effectively prevents water damage, so the racers may wet it without concern. 

The new BOLDR Odyssey Regatta in admiral blue is setting sail on April 14th 2022. Click here more about the watch and the inspiration behind our regatta series.

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Click here to download our media kit for the BOLDR Odyssey Regatta Admiral