Venture Field Medic III: The First Self-Disinfecting Watch From BOLDR Supply Company

Back in April 2020, BOLDR Supply Company released their Field Medic watch series, inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic relief efforts. By creating watches that would provide value to medical professionals, watch-lovers, and social organisations via donation of funds, BOLDR aimed to manufacture an all-round collectible watch for the masses. To date, the company has raised over $7,000 for Covid relief charities from sales of the Field Medic I & II and continues to donate $30 from every sale. Their latest release, the Field Medic III, comes in a striking blue colored dial with a revolutionary self-disinfecting coating known as BOLDR Protectr™.

SINGAPORE: The Venture Field Medic series stemmed from an idea to create a medic-friendly chronograph watch that could measure pulse rates and respiratory counts of patients. The watch was designed by Portugal-based Danny Guzzi and fellow watch-lover Dr. Karan Madan, a physician based in India, along with production by Leon Leong of BOLDR Supply Company. The watch utilizes the signature tough titanium casing of the Venture series, doubling as a handy medical tool and tough field watch.

Having released the first two models in black and white, BOLDR is now releasing the Field Medic III in striking blue, layered with BOLDR Protectr™, a revolutionary product developed in Germany. Protectr™ is an invisible coating that kills viruses, harmful microbes, and multidrug resistant organisms effectively. Similar nano-tech protective coatings are already being used in automobiles, aircrafts, and hospitals, which gave BOLDR the idea to apply this technology to their medic-friendly watch.

Everyday surfaces at work or in public places are populated with microbial pests, many of which could be potentially harmful and spread diseases and viruses upon contact. This is especially a concern today as Covid-19 remains a significant threat. Protectr™ is able to destroy coronaviruses and a host of other dangerous microbes instantly and effectively with no chemical side-effects.

The coating is essentially a layer of sharp, nano-particle blades that pierce the membranes of dangerous microbes, killing them in a non-toxic manner. It is also non-mutagenic, weather-proof, and dermatologically proven to be safe for human use. Its non-chemical nature makes it a much more durable disinfectant compared to common alcohol-based solutions.

Users will not have to worry about water and impact damage, as Protectr™ is capable of guarding against dangerous microbes for up to 30,000 washes. This saves users much time and effort from constantly sanitizing surfaces that may have been compromised. The watch also gains an added layer of protection from impact damage and scratches - all the more reason to use & abuse the Field Medic III without worry.

Get the Field Medic III today only on BOLDR’s website The company will continue to donate $30 from every watch sale to medical relief funds. Here are the updated figures from donations made:

As of 12th February 2023:

    • Singapore Red Cross: $3138 (Ref: 787806/OSEXM)
    • Medecins Sans Frontieres: $1000 (Ref: MSFI-00006094)
    • The Invictus Fund: $2000 (Ref: 20200715f74a173b8676)
    • Medecins San Frontieres: $1,000 (Ref: MSFI-00067946)
    • MSF, COVID-19 Crisis Fund: $3,000 (Ref: MSFI-000298595876)
    • Singapore Red Cross: $2,000 (Ref: 23A2250575)

Specifications: 38mm | Protectr™  Titanium case | Nato strap | Seiko Instrument Inc. VK64 Mechaquartz

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Click here to download the Venture Field Medic III Media Kit