The New Odyssey Bronze - Diving Has Never Looked Brighter

BOLDR Supply Company is gearing up to release the latest Odyssey Bronze line-up, a returning favourite with exciting new features. At 45.5 mm, this chunky dive watch is designed for watch enthusiasts who have a particular propensity for larger watches and superior luminescence. Using a brand new lume technology known as Lumicast®, the Odyssey Bronze stands to outshine its peers and deliver adventure-ready performance to its wearer. The watch will be available for pre-order on BOLDR’s website. 

The Odyssey Bronze series has been a fan favourite ever since its inception in 2018, selling out within a few months of its release. A tough, adventure-ready diver that packs quality and durability at an affordable price, this latest line-up is set to be their best offering yet. It features never-before-done specifications such as a 3D-lume markers, a high double-dome crystal, and a durable fluoroelastomer rubber strap called Druber®. 

The most prominent addition to the series is the use of Lumicast®, a new technology that creates a 3D lume effect with superior brightness and legibility. The lume markers are not applied nor laid in the style of sandwich dials, but are themselves built of luminescent material. Combining ceramic parts with Swiss Super-LumiNova®, the dial markers are casted according to specifications of each individual watchmaker’s design. The resulting indexes are raised, giving them a 3D effect. They are also self-charging, acting like 'batteries' that use sunlight during the day to glow powerfully in low light.  

This is especially attractive for diving as watches using Lumicast® maintain their glow for much longer periods than its counterparts. Another dive-friendly feature is the accompanying Druber® strap, a fluoroelastomer rubber band developed with BOLDR’s manufacturing partners. Fluoroelastomers are known for their superior rubber quality, high durability, and resistance to extreme temperatures. Most importantly, it wears comfortably on the wrist with a pleasant softness while supporting the hefty bronze case, integrated perfectly with the lugs for a neat finish. 

Avid fans of bronze watches will undoubtedly look forward to the personalization brought about by the formation of patina on the case, which will steadily develop over time. No two pieces will be the same, bringing unique value and sentiment to each wearer. The super-tough CuSn8 case has a 120-click unidirectional bezel and is rated for 500m water resistance, with a screw-down crown & triple lock mechanism for extra water protection. Keeping the watch afloat underwater is the resilient Japanese NH35 Automatic movement, and a special helium escape valve to release pressure that may accumulate under the crystal.

The Odyssey Bronze packs a great deal of value into one timepiece, and it may just be the only dive watch you’ll ever need. Available in Prussian Blue, Pine Green, and Slate Grey, each model is limited to 100 pieces with individual serial numbers. Pre-order the watch on 4th June 2021 via

Click here to download the Odyssey Bronze Media Kit

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