BOLDR Meets Nitecore In First-Ever Watch + Torch Project

BOLDR Supply Company is collaborating with Nitecore Singapore to create a special version of the Venture field watch called The Kraken. The watch is paired with a Nitecore TIKI torch to mark Nitecore Singapore’s first-ever collaboration project with a local watch company. It is also BOLDR’s first foray into pairing watches with torches, aimed at watch fans who are often avid EDC enthusiasts. The Kraken is available now for a limited run of 100 pieces only.

Nitecore is well-known for its powerful rechargeable torches and adventure equipment which are used by members of BOLDR themselves. BOLDR reached out to discuss a possible collaboration with the company, with a goal to make a super-tough, stylish, functional, field watch that is paired with a torch in order to be used and abused on everyday adventures.

The criteria for the watch included toughness and strength of luminescence on the dial, even without the help of the Nitecore torch. For this reason, the Kraken is equipped with one of the brightest lumes possible, the Old-Radium C3 Glow. This results in an understated yet insanely high contrast dial that works well during the day and glows powerfully at night like a radioactive reactor.

The Nitecore torch is not only an adventure accessory, but it can also ‘recharge’ the lume on the watch dial. Nitecore's TIKI UV feature (1000mW) is strong enough to fully charge any watch face with a quick flash. The TIKI light is laser engraved with the same contour lines to match the Kraken watch dial.

BOLDR’s founder Leon Leong was excited to get the project rolling as fans may find the pairing highly useful on their daily expeditions. “They (Nitecore) make a high quality torch that’s super useful, setting the stage for an ideal collaboration. By combining our specialty in manufacturing tough, adventure-ready watches with their powerful torches, we’re providing a lot of value to our fans who will no doubt find good use for The Kraken”.

Features of the Kraken watch include a 38mm PVD titanium case, a high contrast dial with Old-Radium lume with C3 Glow, sapphire crystal, NH35 automatic movement, and a custom NATO strap. It is also rated for 200m water resistance which protects it from water damage. The watch is on a limited run of 100 pieces with free shipping worldwide.

Each package of The Kraken consists of the watch by BOLDR, a Nitecore TIKI torch, and a custom branded patch, all for a retail price of $449. Available for purchase from 18th February 2022. 

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Click here to download our Media Kit for The Kraken by BOLDR x Nitecore